Top 5 Underrated CFL Draft Prospects

#5. Mitch Barnett, LB, UBC

I’m going off my own draft board for my first selection. Barnett is an athletic linebacker who was instrumental in earning UBC the Vanier Cup. He was expected to make the National Combine through the Edmonton Regional Combine but had a brutal showing and did not proceed. I did not place him in my Mock Draft but with a brand new 8th round being installed, someone should take a shot on the son of former CFLer Bruce Barnett. He can rush will speed from the edge and his interception in the Canada West Semi-Final versus Manitoba was one of the most athletic catches I have ever seen a linebacker make.

#4. Jason Lauzon-Seguin, OL, Laval

Odd to put Lauzon-Seguin on this list because he has been ranked in the Top 20 Prospects all year but he simply doesn’t get the attention he deserves. Buried behind his teammates, the pro ready Charles Vaillancourt and He-Man Phillipe Gagnon, as well as upstarts Michael Couture and Brandon Revenberg, the drafts most versatile O-lineman has barely been mentioned the last couple weeks. His dynamic presence will make a team very happy.

#3. Felix Faubert-Lussier, SB, Laval

A bruising receiver, Faubert-Lussier is lost in the Brian Jones hype and hidden by the speedsters at the top of his position. His size and strength will make him a potent hybrid player who will contribute to his team in multiple ways. An H-back, slotback, tight end, full back and special teamer all wrapped in to one, he could have an instant impact on his team.

#2. Quinn Horton, DE, SFU

A defensive end who was selected All-Conference in the GNAC just like his more sought after teammate Michael Couture, Horton has very respectable testing numbers and some great potential. Given the recent success of SFU player, including other DE Justin Capicciotti, and the league losing Onyemata and Abdesmad to NFL deals I would not be shocked if Horton went higher, and produced more, than most people expect.

#1. DJ Lalama, LB, Manitoba

A non-Top 20 Prospect who was invited to the National Combine only after a strong Regional Combine showing, Lalama was invited to the New York Giants Mini-Camp. Lalama clearly wants this and he has an incredible work ethic. He has the ability to be impactful on special teams and transition to starting linebacker like Sam Hurl or Thomas Miles. He is a guy teams will wish they picked higher in 5 years time.


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